Fatigue Management

Chronic Fatigue (fatigue lasting longer than 6 months) is associated mostly with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Post viral syndrome, but not exclusively. It is also commonly experienced by people suffering with other conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and following as stroke. 14208_loresIt is a unique experience to every individual and often triggered by a viral infection or as part of another major life event. Sometimes it is not clear what triggered it. Our Occupational Therapist has been working with people suffering from chronic fatigue in it’s various forms for over 20 years and believes strongly in you being involved in your treatment and doing as much as you can for yourself. This can be achieved by

  • Being taught new ways of doing tasks
  • Advising on equipment to modify the environment or the task
  • Supporting relaxation and lifestyle strategies
  • Challenging negative thinking and other types of unhelpful thinking

OT provides therapeutic sessions covering

  • Pacing and Grading activity routines in order to support a sustainable routine and increase activity where possible.
  • Practicing a range of relaxation techniques
  • Lifestyle management, looking at strategies which will work for you.

A diary sheet will be sent to you prior to your first clinic appointment, to be discussed within the first session.

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