DMO Orthosis®

DM Orthotics is a world leading provider of medical rehabilitation and sports performance products.

DMO provides elastomeric fabric, dynamic movement orthoses (Lycra garments) helping to improve the lives of people who face a range of physical challenges.

DMO design and production process incorporates state-of-the-art technology with traditional tailoring, taking the most successful elements from each to produce individually tailored dynamic movement orthoses that are unmatched in their function and quality.

How do Dynamic Movement Orthoses work?

DMO orthoses work using strategically placed panelling which correctly aligns the body. This new positioning stimulates sensory systems throughout the body and re-programmes the brain, ensuring that muscles operate in their new state of optimal alignment.

Our orthoses use an elastomeric fabric specifically designed to give the best combination of flexibility and comfort, enabling freedom of movement.

In addition to this we use reinforcement powernet panelling to provide strength and stability where needed, realigning areas of the body so that muscles work in the correct way.

DMO has a variety of products for various body parts, which are used to help improve limb posture and balance and/ or function.